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Don't Believe The Trickster [17 Oct 2017|06:40pm]

Hi ! Nice to meet you.
My journal is in order to promote my futur personal website.
Add me if you want to be informed when my website will be open.
I'm currently working on it with Yagyuu's girlfriend~

It's not a RP account!

Be sure to be added back. Please leave a comment and introduce yourself ;) I'm always happy to know more about you. Don't add me if you're the kind of person who do friend-cut without telling anything, that's really hateful. Besides, it make people thinks you're too "awesome" for them, don't you think? I'm a very spiteful~ (two persons are already on my black list)

Obviously, this website will contain my drawings.(you can have a sample of my drawings with my icons or take a look at my lj for my drafts).

For now, this journal will be about my (boring) life and will contains my drawings. I'll draw myself as Niou. It's more funny for me like this. I don't like to draw myself, it's a bit narcisistic. Perhaps I don't explain it very well, I'm sorry about that.

In other words, this journal will tell you about my life, illustrated with Pot fanarts. I'll be Niou, and my friends could be anyone of Prince of tennis.
For instance, Niou is closed to Yagyuu. I can draw my best friend as Yagyuu. If I do something weird with my best friend, I'll tell it to you with a drawing where Niou stands for me and Yagyuu stands for my best friend...
Is it clear like this ? In fact this journal will contain a lot of Pot cracks based on my real life =)

List of Pot characters/friends:
Niou: me
Akutsu: my younger brother
Yagyuu: my best friend S (female IRL)
She has a bf, and I'm jealous of this guy for spending so much time with her
(his nickname is "Yagyuu's girlfriend" or "Miss Apple")
Sanada: my friend M. (female IRL)
nickname: "Dad" XD
Bunta (used to be Sakuno): my friend L. (female IRL)
Yukimura: my "friend" V. (femal IRL)
I don't talk to her anymore for many reasons
Fuji: my "friend" Vi.(male IRL)
For the same reasons as V. I erased him from my head
Atobe: a "friend" (male IRL)
Ore-sama has a very hateful behaviour but he can be helpful sometimes

(more to come I guess ...
I can't make up my mind with some people ^^;
Most of them don't even know that I have a lj account and don't know about their POT nicknames I attributed to them XD )

Statut: Don't take any request currently
Website statut:
20% done

As it's written, DON'T ADD ME ON MSN!!!
I'm never connected. I only check to my emails.

Last update: 26th August
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Trip [06 Oct 2008|07:56pm]
I'm alive.
Internet sucks so I wasn't really able to post something on my lj...

My trip to London was fun.

I was with Inui.

He was so excited to go to London!

He's completely addicted to smoothies... This megane guy definitely looks like Inui from POT... ^^;

Sometimes, he asked me if I wanted to taste it... and sometimes I was obliged to decline.

I fall in love with squirrels.... *_* There was a looot of squirrel in London, especially on the South Kensington cemetary.

Bunta came at my house few days ago.
Bunta is suck a coward XD

The reason why he rarely come to my house is because he's afraid of dogs..
I send him a message to say that that day wasn't really the best for him to come at my house because my parents yelled each others.. At least, he came when my parents finished to "fight" ^_^;

That day, I showed him my photos from my vacations on my computer . I gave him some photos, but he was especially interested by the food I ate in London.. XD

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Stalking people is fun [07 Sep 2008|02:39am]
I haven't tell you about my stalking time.
It was fun but it was too bad that Yagyuu noticed me more fastly than expected!

He saw me and he thought "I already saw these boots and this shirt", then he looked at me more closer and was like "O_o hum?"

It was really funny. He said me that he also thought "Woah, I love her style!" XD

He lived in his girlfriend's house for one week. His girlfriend recently moved to her own appartment.
He telled me about his life during this month and he said that there are some stuffs that she does with him when her parents aren't here...

O___O *blushes* OMG What kind of stuffs are you doing to my best friend?!! You *&@/!§+`¤[#* !!!!

Well My life isn't interesting currently.
I'll go to England 17th September for one week.
Maybe this lj is on hiatus for this month...
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blabla [16 Aug 2008|08:47pm]

I sleep a lot every night (between 10 and 12 hours).

My mum found a way to wake me up. She put one or two kitten on my bed

My kitten are cute and all but waking me up is unforgiveable D< !!

Today, I received a postcard from Bunta (my Sakuno upgraded to Bunta xD he's hard to beat in bowling and he love to eat)

It's look like he have a lot of fun at beach. I'm glad for him.

I also received a postcard from Atobe (maybe two weeks ago). He wrote something like "See? I moved my ass in order to send you this postcard"

Because of me, Ore-Sama went out to the post office. Don't push yourself to do something you obvioulsly don't want to , you asshole.
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Welcome back tablet! [13 Aug 2008|07:01pm]
I missed so much my tablet TT^TT New pen tablet yay =D !

I haven't drew Niou for ages

and I'm currently on the Gintama fandom:

"Where is Niou?!!"
"He's playing tennis!"


I want to wear this uniform IRL, I'm sure I will!!!!

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Summer Holidays (bis) [10 Aug 2008|03:08am]
I finally ordered a new tablet.
I'll receive it next week.

I have photoshop CS3 since today *_* ~
And because I couldn't wait for my tablet, I drew a chibi... it's still a WIP through...

chibi Hijikata *-* I want to draw lots of Gintama fanarts~
I didn't expect to love the plum tool so much *3*~<3

I'll be officially back next week.
I guess no one missed me, but I really missed to draw Q_Q........

I'll start the "harrasing Yagyuu's girlfriend" asap for my website è___é


PuriCosplay Updated [23 Jul 2008|06:24pm]
KHR! cosplays added
go to the "REBORN" folder for KHR cosplay pics



password: piyo-puri

Bye Bye Tablet T_T [22 Jul 2008|05:15pm]
Thank you brother for breaking my pen tablet...

+ My mouse is broken.

My brother came with a new mouse but still.... my pen is broken!
How can I draw now???

*pissed off*

I have to buy a pen tablet but it's really expensive...

T___T unhappy at all....

Summer Holidays [14 Jul 2008|05:53pm]

I haven't drew on oekaki for ages~

I hope you're enjoying your holidays because I don't go anywhere this summer u_u

My computer is CLEAN now.
I still need to install some programs like photoshop, SAI or Open Canvas 4.5 +..
I'm waiting for a new version of Sai, but I don't know when it will release. I would buy Open Canvas 4.5+ but it's more expensive than Sai.. XD *greedy* What shall I do ?

u_u I want to draw

*useless entry to say that I'm still alive*

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Busy week [03 Jul 2008|12:01am]
I have two guests at home: my kotaicho (still need to find him a POT nickname) and my friend Higashikata.
We played at Prince of tennis form the strongest team. No one can beat the Trickster. >D

WelL... I'll be busy until next week... The cosplayer trickster is really busy...
I just wanted to say that I'm a bit stressed and excited right now

I need to wake up soon.. DX Atobe and Higashitaka want my death!!!

Next week, I'll definitly try to do something for my computer. If I don't come back next week, it's means that I broke my computer, k?

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\o/ [21 Jun 2008|04:09pm]
I get the result of my exams~ Complete success :D I can enjoy my holidays now <3
Today is the first day of Summer... I hate this season so much :(



Printed by Snapfish 9x13cm
(the drawing on the very right is a drawing colored with Neopiko alcohol marquer and then laminated)
(Double Niou White day will be cut and laminated. I can do lami cards ;D !)

I'm pretty satisfied about it <3 I think I'll use Snapfish's service for my future print <3

Print for sale *-*
I didn't decided for the price.. I have to think about the paypal fee, shipping, etc....
Tell me if your interested, make offer, anything you want, I don't bite. I'm really open-minded :D
For now, I only sale for my F-list. I'm lazy to organize it and post on communities + I don't have enough stuffs to sell XD
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:D [12 Jun 2008|09:02pm]
I'm a bit disappointed, I posted my Chrome fanart at the community hitman_reborn and nobody has any opinion about it :O Is that because I suck at drawing or is it because I'm not welcomed at this community ?

Anyways, I'm officially on holidays ^___^ <3 I don't know all of my marks for this semester but I know that I pass for next year :D because I'm a tensai because I'm self-confident :D

I'll try to burn my files asap so as Yagyuu can do something for my computer megane guys are so smart. I really miss to draw D=

I plan to do something for the Japan-expo event ( http://www.japan-expo.com/ )

Aaaah so many things to do @_@ Thank goodness Atobe will help me. I haven't see him since January.

Entris without pic is baaaaaad D=

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[11 Jun 2008|06:44pm]
I finally posted my Chrome fanart in my DA account~


I have an exam tomorrow and then... HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYS

Yagyuu!!!!!!!! >3< My 69 Pineapple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [09 Jun 2008|08:31pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today is Yagyuu's Birthdayyyyyyyyyy ! <3

( Not Yagyuu from POT XD OKAY?!! )

What a coincidence! Today is also Mukuro's Birthday too XD!!
I could be your 96 pineapple! (^-^)/ *is thinking about new idea for a fanart*

Daisuki dayo Yagyuu!!!!!!!!!!!!! *chu*

Even if we are best friend, today is the firt time you kissed me *-*
(on my cheek of course XD)

I wish I couldn't draw anything for this special day >_O Forgive me!


Piyo ^-^ <3

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The OL [04 Jun 2008|05:40pm]
This week end was really fun~ My cousins didn't change at all, as dork as usual ^_^ the problem of my computer isn't fixed yet >< so I can't illustrate anything

I gave a cd with some of my drawing (including Chrome) to my teacher~ I hope I'll get a good mark ^_^

I also put a drawing of Bunta and Niou:

In fact, it's another version of this one:

I did le lineart with Illustrator and then, I colored with Photoshop. It was only for an exercise (my first lineart with vector *-*). I don't have much drawings with vector so I put this one on the cd.
I'm amused to see the background... I definitely suck for that XDDDD
I Did everything with the mouse. The tablet isn't allowed >_O that's why the trees looks... to simple...

Which version do you prefer ?
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Chrome (again and again) [30 May 2008|09:30pm]
Here the final version of Chrome That I finished at Yagyuu's home~ Thank you Yagyuu for lending me your Mac and your tablet ^_^ <3 rabu ya

Maybe I'll do a print of this drawing <3 I'm pretty satisfied about the result since it's my first fanart of Chrome~
Haha, if only every homework consisted in drawing with a tablet...

Yagyuu's little sister has a baby rabbit~ So lovely... I wish I hadn't brought my camera so as I can took some pics... Next time for sure!

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blah. [30 May 2008|12:04am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I can't post a drawing with this entry... I have a problem with my computer (again... this time it's my fault... = 100% uncool)
I hope this problem will be fixed asap. Ah. I think I'll buy Paint tool Sai *_* I can't thank piccu enough for showing me this wonderful program! I haven't draw with my tablet for one week and I miss it so much ;_;
As a consequence, I watched a lot of SAI videos on nicovideo.

How to draw:
Fruits cake: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm682401
Strawberry pie: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2493623
Pancakes: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2481745

I want to eat cake right now.. xD

I'll visit my cousin this sunday. We'll celebrate his 17th anniversary. I haven't see him for ages. =D I'm impatient to see him (yay birthday = cake <3!!!!!)! xD

Today is his birthday~
Today is also the day that my dear papa the emperor left the country in order to go to Spain :'(.... No offense (I know I have some lj spanish friends here) but I HATE Spain! I Hate the spanish culture and the spanish language!! I had nothing against this country since my spanish "teacher" suceed to disgusted me. I look so immature to hate a country because of that bitch but she is DE-FI-NI-TE-LY A BITCH. No word are strong enough to show my hatred for that teacher.

It doesn't mean I hate spanich people xD I only wanted to say that I would NEVER go to Spain XP

Oiiii, Spanish people on my f-list, I don't hate you!! You're even SO nice for me ^____^

2 weeks to go before summer holidays *_*
I think I failed at my exams so I'll study for two weeks (there is some "special lessons" for people who want to be sure to suceed, the system of my "department" degree is not as bad as I thought).
I'm waiting for my exams. If it's better thank expected, I won't be obliged anymore to study XD Maybe I'm already on holidays and I ignore it... XP *is praying* Please teacher made of awesomeness, please give me good marks....'-' Don't be so bitchy damnit!!!!!!

I wonder what kind of student I am.. I didn't study for exams and I'm not stressed at all... It's not as if I don't give a damn about university xD;; I've always been lucky with these kind of things, I hope it'll continue.

I should sleep soon.. I'll visit Yagyuu tomorrow.

(an entry without pic... that's so lame >_O *search on his old drawings*).........

*serious mod*

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Chrome WIP, Again XD [20 May 2008|06:43pm]
Yay I started a new fanart of Chrome for school~ I hope I'll get a good mark with my drawings ^_^
I plan to show three drawings, Niou (White day), chibi Chrome and Chrome:

My Chrome fanart:




It's still in progress. I'm pretty happy of my work ^_^ Despite the fact that she look like more adult... *stares at her boobs*

Except the sketch, everything is done with Photoshop... I'm glad we finally became friend together *dork 8D* XD

I have a dozens of drawings to finish <_<;;; Plus I have some requests from some friends, I haven't started any sketch for them XD;; Yesterday, Yagyuu saw my last entry (f-locked)XD I'm glad he was amused XP Me: "If I don't succed to sell my drawing, I will draw some hentai stuffs!" Yagyuu: "Sure, you'll sell a lot!" huhu, I'm sure Yagyuu will buy my drawings if I do so~ XD !!! I had an exam this morning -_-; I think It's not good... Shit, I have to study for next week TT__TT;; Banzaiii! It's almost the summer holidays!! Yatta!!! I hate this season so much D= !!! Anyways I don't know if I'll update my lj before next week, but I'll check my F-page every day as usual! ^__^ Take care! Puri!
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@_@ [13 May 2008|11:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

As expected.... today was a very long day u_u;;

I learn something today... o___o Illustrator is a great program..... I need it.

I almost finished my chibi Chrome <3

I re-watched some Samurai Champloo episodes~ <3
I should do my homeworks instead of watching anime/drama ^_^;

-.- nothing more to say..


Shimatta O_O; I forget that I have a rendez-vous tomorrow.... I have to sleep right now... I have to wake up soon TT__TT

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It's already the end of the looong week end u_u; [12 May 2008|07:37pm]
I'm a bit unhappy about my week end.. I didn't finish my drawings~
T_T Something hapenned during this week end and I'm not doing really good because of this. Dun worry! I'm the only one who care about it. I won't talk about my ****** life here! I have another lj on which I can talk about it, but I'm too lazy to do it now


Saturday, I go out as planned. I bought a sdhc card and go to Georges Pompidou museum. I definitly HATE modern art. I would never go there for a date >_>;

I watched Minami-ke and the drama Fuma no Kojiro.
This anime and this drama are funny in their own way.

Minami-ke is funny because it's about the life of three sisters~

Fuma no Kojiro is funny because the special effect sucks a lot xDDDD
I laughed so hard every times there was a special effect.
There is a character woh's called "Yagyu" but she's very ugly.
There is a character who's also Ban from Tenimyu http://www.nautiljon.com/people/gaku+shindo.html
I like the OP and ED songs ^_^

Today is the emperor's birthday ^_^

Yeah I call him Papa >D
It's easy to remembre his birthday since Sanada's birthday is May 21th and the emperor's birthday is May 12th. ^_^

BAD YAGYUUUUUU!!!! He didn't answer to my last lovely email. I wanted to do something with him today >O< !!!!

Tomorrow will be a very long and boring day T_T; puri...
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